I Am A Healthcare Hero

Stories inspired by real-life (Healthcare) Heroes.
Created in 2020, amidst the COVID-19 coronavirus global pandemic.

#PrayForWuhan (COVID-19 Artwork Series)

A series of artworks/comics created in response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

Peace, Will You Play With Me?

“May the walls of separation no longer
stand before us.”

The Loudest Whisper In The Universe

“We are all singing a song of silence.
For the loudest scream, if left unheard,
is only a whisper.”

The Boy Who Caught The Sea

“Be like the Shore who adored the Waves,
but never once holding Her in His embrace.”

Wake Me Up At HappyLand

“And in every little thing,
there’s a HappyLand awaiting.”

The Her In The Mirror

“She fell in love with her reflection. And she will stare at Her all day. The Her in the mirror, was a better Her. A perfect Her.”

Once Upon A Time In New York City

“And I saw Her, a sleepwalking Beauty,
Enchanted by a poison Apple.”

Lyra’s Whisper

“Luke could not hear. He was deaf to the screaming world.
But to Lyra, he was her best listener.”

When The King of Everything Meets The King of Not-A-Thing

“There once lived a king, a King of Everything.”

The Girl Without A Ring Finger

“The Girl without a ring finger,
Couldn’t marry. Didn’t find love.”

An Acre of Abundance

“Arthur Appleton was a simple man. He had but one acre of land. Three meals a day was all he asked for. He had no wish for anything more.”

Happy Birthday Mr Snowman

“The snowman awaken early next morning to find his new legs awaiting. He wasted no time in putting them on, he walked, he ran, he went wandering.”

The Chinese Monk, his Indian Guide & their White Elephant

“Days gone by with no food and their hunger worsen. The monk got impatient and suggested they eat the elephant.”

The Nights of Twinkle Town

“There once was a place called Twinkle Town, where mornings were scarce and nights were abound.”

The Choles-Troll That Lived Under The Bridge

“Under the London bridges lived many a trolls, the meanest and baddest was one named Choles-troll.”

The Adventures of Yutaro

“The waste matter got swallowed by a koi, and 9 months later, it gave birth to a boy.”

Feb 14

“It was love at first sight, and he wasn’t even looking. A chanced encounter on February Fourteenth.”

Adam’s Apple

“Adam was clueless on how he could seduce Eve. Till a salesman came knocking – a serpent by the name of Steve.”